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Family Foundations

This webinar was created for partners starting a family or partners wanting to strengthen their family foundation.


Key Concepts from This Webinar:

  • Deciding and COMMITTING to Family Values/Morals Together as a Couple Builds a SOLID Foundation for the Family
  • INCLUDES a Worksheet to Help Guild You and Your Partner to Build YOUR Values ]
  • Dive into Appropriate Communication Habits and TOOLS
  • Learn What 'Fire Pits' vs 'Putting Out Fires' Means and the Importance of These
  • Learn What it Means to Have F.U.N.

Disclaimer: The coaches may use their professional medical background as their own resources to provide you with the best advice but you will not be receiving medical advice in this webinar. The views and opinions stated in the webinar come from their experiences gathered in their clinical settings as well as their personal lives. 

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