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We believe that all families deserve to experience life to the fullest and feel fantastic while doing so. We understand true health and healing comes from a neurologically balanced (what we refer to as "un-switched"), holistic lifestyle.

First and foremost we are parents of two amazing little girls. Nothing brings us more joy and more trials than being their parents. We know you understand what we're saying!

We are also chiropractors and own a busy family practice in Northern Idaho. We have over a decade of combined clinical experience when addressing lifestyle habits. We are experts in analyzing where patients are currently at within their health journeys and delight in encouraging them forward. 

After six years of running an incredibly successful practice, we realized we were spending at least half our time in the office providing families with similar health habits over and over again. It became very clear to us that there must be other holistic parents out there with similar questions and hurdles. 

In fact, we KNOW there are, because we were - and will probably continue to be - those parents as we navigate our own parenting path. Through our own experience as "un-switched", non-mainstream parents we know that it takes a little extra work to be an attentive, involved and engaged parent. 

However, it does not have to be too much work. And that's what we're here for: to simplify, provide resources and strategies on neurological balance (the core of one's overall health), give encouragement, and probably most importantly, let you know you are NOT ALONE ON YOUR HOLISTIC PARENTING JOURNEY.

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